Our Approach

We Stand Behind Everything We Do –with a 100% guarantee our service and support stands tall above other IT sourcing companies and keeps your business running with our excellent resources.

Customized IT Resourcing Solutions – we provide IT Resourcing solutions that are customized to fit your business and your budget.

Exceptional Customer Service –our response time is guaranteed and our team of outstanding professionals are committed to exceeding your expectations.

Our Team of Experts in the Technology that Helps You Run Your Business – whether its practice management, document management, time and billing, ERP, or any other line of business application, our consultants and contractors specialize in the technology and software always there to make your business successful.

Our Story

Established in 2014, Rite International Group, Inc was started with a mission to provide Fortune 500-style technology consulting to federal government agencies in and around northern VA. And we understand how critical your IT resource needs are to you - any delay in finding the good resource doesn’t just effect you, it effects your business and your clients as well. Rite International Group, Inc is your one stop go to vendor/partner for all your IT resource needs.

Our Trusted Vendor Partners Are What Makes Us So Great